10 Tips to Be a Good Listener

10 Tips to Be a Good Listener


    1. Be Patient
    2. Don’t complete their sentence
    3. Let them finish, even if they seem to be rambling
    4. Don’t interrupt
    5. Face the person and make eye contact
    6. Lean forward if you are seated to show you are interested
    7. Stop what you are doing
    8. Ask good questions
    9. Ask their opinion about something that happened to you
    10. Ask their advice on a decision you have to make

      We have learned that one of the most important components to great communication is both parties being good listeners. It is critical that both of you try to see and understand the other person’s point of view. It is also important that both of you want to be good listeners. Often we have made the decision that what we think is right and there is no need to really listen. That kind of thinking will always cause conflict, confusion and there will be no resolution. Remember we are called to love one another in everything we do and love always gives even a listening ear and a listening heart.  These 10 good listener tips will help your communication skills greatly.

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