5 Marital Communication killers

5 Marital Communication killers

These 5 marital communication killers can damage your relationship beyond repair if allowed to become the standard way you and your spouse talk to each other. It’s important that you understand that these things will kill your ability to communicate before you even get started.These 5 damaging marriage relationship mistakes are:

  1. Fear of the other person or their responses to what you have to say. Remember God has not given you the spirit of fear. (2Timothy 1:7)
  2. Not being honest with your spouse or yourself will kill your communication.
  3. Never attempt to communicate when you are still angry. Angerwill always defeat your purpose.
  4. As much as possible try to eliminate the out-of-control emotions and tears.
  5. The last big relationship destroyer is Pouting. Having your lip stuck out and showing on your countenance everything negative thought going through your mind.

We encourage you to communicate with love, compassion and empathy for your spouse. Work hard to study your spouse’s love languages. And remember, if you want Denver-area marriage counseling or phone coaching from the couple who’ve been through it all, we are here to help.


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