7 Christian Dating Myths

7 Christian Dating Myths

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The 7 Christian dating myths I want to share with you on this page will help you to recognize where you might be deceived and will prevent you from suffering the consequences in your future relationships and in your life.

  1. The number one lie is that because you met someone in church they must have yielded their lives to Jesus Christ, and have a personal relationship with Him.
  2. Everyone who tells you that they are a Christian really is a Christian. This is another huge one.
  3. People who go to church and say they are Christians don’t tell lies.
  4. Another one is people who say they love you would never put you in a compromising position, like asking you to have sex with them before marriage.
  5. I should not be concerned about my friend whom I met at church having a little sin in her/his life. A little poison never hurt anybody. Red flag and another myth.
  6. Dating myth #6 is because a person does and says all the right things for six (6) months means I can trust them.
  7. If I am a Christian dating, I don’t really have to wait for the Holy Spirit to show me about this person if I have a good feeling about them.

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