7 tips to prevent infidelity

7 tips to prevent infidelity

7 tips to prevent infidelity will help you to be aware of some of the mistakes you might be making in your marriage that could open the door for infidelity to occur.

7 tips to prevent infidelity


1. Keep up your physical appearance. Whatever it took to attract your spouse to you, continue, continue, continue. Don’t you think if your husband/wife liked your beautiful hair and the way you kept it nice before you were married, that they would expect you to keep it nice after you are married? If your breath was always sweet and nails/toenails done before you were married I would say it is reasonable to expect them to be done afterward?

2. Take the time to always listen to and hear your spouse. Never be too busy or preoccupied to stop and hear the spirit of what they are saying.

3. Always notice and take time to encourage your spouse. Words of affirmation go a long, long way.

4. Make love often. One of God’s secrets to a great marriage is making love and seasoned intimacy. Intercourse when done God’s way is the powerful connector, especially when you do it with the lights on and consistently look into one another’s eyes. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

5. Pray for each other with each other every day. This binds your hearts and minds together. I realize that all of this works if both parties are sincere. If somebody is perpetrating. If someone is playing head games of course it won’t work. But if you have 2 people who are sold out to God and yielding to one another with all their hearts, there is nothing God won’t do for and through you.

6. We suggest that you keep the love making fresh. New ideas, new positions fun explorations. I don’t mean pornography that will kill your relationship quickly. I mean talk things over, find out what each other likes and see if it is something that God approves of as well and make sure both of you are comfortable with whatever the 2 of you come up with.

7. Don’t ever talk to someone of the opposite sex about your personal and intimate business or any business as a matter of fact that your spouse doesn’t know about. Make your relationship with your spouse private and off limits to anyone else.

These are but a few of the safe guards you can take to prevent infidelity. Always be true to yourself and certainly to your spouse, it pays great dividends and makes for a beautiful marriage. Take it from some folks who know. We are still having the time of our lives and want to help you do the same.

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