7 Vital Steps for Marriage Reconciliation after Infidelity


Marriage Reconciliation After Infidelity - The Book


I have tried to put these 7 vital steps for marriage reconciliation after infidelity in the order of their importance:

Step 1. Set a time to come together to talk. Make sure there are no distractions. (i.e., television, children etc.) If at all possible, pray before you start. If your spouse is not willing to pray together, then you pray before you come together. Ask God to direct the conversation and emotions.

Step 2. Both must be willing to come clean or these 7 steps for marriage reconciliation after infidelity won’t work. Please commit to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help you God. Don’t say, “Yes I was with him/her all night but nothing happened. That is an insult to his/her intelligence. Even a stupid person can see through that. Tell the truth and face the consequences if you want these 7 steps for marriage reconciliation after infidelity to work for you!

Step 3. Make sure you are prepared to hear the truth. Some people can’t handle the truth without fits of violence. There must be none of that. You will get angry but you don’t have to sin.

Step 4. One of the most vital of the 7 steps to marriage reconciliation after infidelity is to let the violated person ask all of the questions they want to ask. Of course, the violator must answer each one to the other person’s satisfaction. It will be to their satisfaction if you tell the truth. Realize this process might take a long time, ours took months.

Step 5. The violator must take responsibility for their actions. Don’t blame it on the devil, the moonlight, the other person, the weather, or it just happened, all of those are excuses and your spouse cannot stand one more of those.

Step 6. Apologize, Apologize, Apologize! My husband kept telling me, “Jackie I was wrong please forgive me, and what can I do to make it right?” If you don’t truly mean it though, your spouse will know that too. You have to mean it for true marriage reconciliation to take place.

Step 7. Give the betrayed person time to process what they have heard. Each one of these  steps to restoring trust is important. None of this is easy but it sure is worth it if your marriage can be saved.


I will conclude by saying that God wants your marriage to work and He will do everything in His power to see that it does. He has given me these 7 vital steps for restoring your marital intimacy after infidelity, and this has occurred for you. Your responsibility is to get in the Bible, pray, ask for His guidance, be patient with your spouse and do the work. Through Christ, All things are possible!

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