Alcohol Abuse Effects




Here are 7 Alcohol Abuse Effects that can completely destroy your life


  1. Alcohol abuse effects will show up in your brain. I started drinking because I was sad because of the breakup of my marriage. I drank so I could sleep and not think about my life. I woke up sick with a headache and a hangover because alcohol abuse kills brain cells.
  2. These effects will show up in your liver. A few years ago I got a ct scan and they asked me, “Do you drink alcohol?” I told them no I haven’t in over 14 years. Then they said, “We see something on your liver.” I believe I received my healing in Jesus’ Name.
  3. Alcohol quickly becomes an addiction. I didn’t realize that my body became addicted to the drug. I do repeat that alcohol is the most abused drug on the legal market. The first time I thought I was ready to stop drinking, my body said Not so! I continued to drink until I cried out to God to deliver me and He did 14 years ago and I haven’t had a drink or the desire for it since. Praise Jesus!!!!!
  4. Are you deceived?. You will actually deceive yourself into believing that you are okay and that you can stop whenever you want. You will also deceive yourself to think that nobody knows you are a drunk, that’s what I did.
  5. Alcohol effects will eventually show up in Your Face and your body. I looked in the mirror one day and could see myself aging. The wrinkles were coming and at the same time I looked real puffy. Many drunks don’t realize that the alcohol is secreted through your pours so no matter how much you gargle and spray perfume/after shave, the secret is out.
  6. The effects of alcohol will show up in your mood swings and temper. Yelling at people, being impatient with your children kickin’ the dog and cursin’ the cat.
  7. Alcohol abuse effects will show up in your wanting to isolate yourself so you can get drunk without hearing anyone tell you you’re drinking too much. Isolation is one of the devil’s devices to get you alone so he can steal, kill and destroy you.

I BEG you to tell someone you trust that you need help. Don’t continue to live your life in bondage. Cry out to God like I did and ask Him to deliver you from this destruction. Make no mistake it is certain death for you and possibly someone else. Because alcohol abuse effects will also show up also in your Driving.

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