Alcohol Abuse Symptoms

Alcohol Abuse Symptoms

Alcohol abuse symptoms are often undetected by the average person. If you have read my book Love that would not let me go you saw how I was able to function in the corporate world on a daily basis and drink myself to sleep at night. I must stop right now and Thank my Father God for total and complete deliverance from the drug alcohol. Yes, I did say the drug alcohol. Society has tried to lessen the severity of the affects of alcohol because it is a legal drug by separating it from the category of drugs. Take it from me, if alcohol doesn’t drug you my name isn’t Jackie Calloway and it is. Alcohol abuse symptoms are even more difficult to detect if you don’t spend a lot of time in the company of a person consistently. Some people see each other every now and then, perhaps once a week or two. You would definitely be in the dark if you aren’t looking for that. Drugs, including alcohol, are involved in most of domestic violence and child abuse cases reported. The common name on the sign at the Liquor Store is “spirits”. That is exactly what you are introducing into your system when you abuse alcohol are other spirits other than the Holy Spirit. Alcohol destroys the liver and brain cells but of course you can’t see that happening so it won’t show up until much later. Why don’t I just give you a few alcohol abuse symptoms?  

7 Alcohol Abuse Symptoms

  1. This person thinks often during the day about when they can have their next drink.
  2. The person will gulp down or drink quickly a glass of wine and hope others don’t notice, but will order another when asked.
  3. Another obvious symptom is making excuses to drink. It is Monday let’s have a glass of wine. I just need to relax or unwind but it becomes almost every night or day.
  4. Having alcohol with at least one meal everyday.
  5. Whenever there is a crisis, stress or a celebration this person thinks about having a drink.
  6. When it is time for romance, we have 1 or 2 drinks to get us in the mood.
  7. When I was drinking, I removed myself from those who didn’t drink and associated with those who did more frequently.

When a spouse recognizes these symptoms in their mate or in themselves I encourage you to pray and ask God what to do, how to pray, and ask Him for deliverance. The first thing is to want to be free and to come out of denial. I was in denial for at least 1 year but after that I knew I was in trouble because I realized my body was addicted to the drug and I had a fight on my hands and I wasn’t ready to fight. I actually enjoyed the buzz and not having to think about anything until tomorrow. Unfortunately every tomorrow came quickly and I had to think anyway and I started to age right before my eyes.

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