Christian Marriage Sex Two Worlds

Christian Marriage Sex Two Worlds

Christian marriage sex two worlds will help you understand that Sex or Love Making in a Christian Marriage can be the most satisfying and fulfilling experience in your life that also brings Glory to God.

I want to make 5 points about Love Making in a Christian Marriage

We are tripartite beings, we are spirits made in the image of God. We have a soul, which includes our mind, will, emotions and imagination. We live in a physical body.

    1. Because we are a spirit that should be where we focus primarily. Christian marriage sex two worlds or Love Making is a spiritual activity and pleasure that is enjoyed in our physical bodies. Sex or Love Making was created by God for our pleasure and reproduction. Now some of us are pass the reproduction desire so we’re going for the pleasure and rightfully so.


    1. Christian marriage sex two worlds shows us that Spiritually, intercourse is the celebration of the coming back together of man and woman as we were originally, before God formed woman from the side of Adam according to Genesis 2:18-25. That is why we can have so much fun and pleasure in the marriage bed because it is suppose to be a reunion, a party.


    1. God did design intercourse for the marriage bed. A place of commitment, security, and unconditional love. This bed is not to be defiled with introducing thoughts of other people and their spirits in this sacred place. It should read on the door, for married couples only, now and forever more.


    1. Doctors tell us that love making is one of the best exercises you can do. It truly stimulates the heart and helps you to sweat off a little weight at the same time. This is the best of two worlds spiritual and physical. Just think about it, you make love, it knits your hearts together and gives glory to God all in one shot. (no pun intended)


  1. Christian marriage sex two worlds shows us that God said in Genesis 1:28 be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth. One of the main reasons God invented intercourse is so that we could reproduce for Him some Godly Offspring. Children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward. (Psalm 127:3) He always promises that He will bless us and our seed and our seed’s seed. He wants us to have children and to live Godly lives before them so that they will come to know Him and do the same in their adult married lives.

God is concerned about people, their hearts and them knowing Jesus in the pardon of their sins and He even uses lovemaking and the marriage bed to carry out His plan.

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