Christian Parents of Teenagers

Parenting Teens Without Tears

Being parents of teenagers starts the third season of parenting.

This consists of those wonderful teenage years and beyond. These are the years that can try men’s souls. However, they really don’t have to be if you did your work well in the parenting seasons one and season two.

Then there are cases when you should have done things differently in the early years, and now your children are in positions where they are free to make their own choices…and they are making the wrong ones.

But don’t think you are helpless to do anything, try to put some parameters on the choices they have. If their choices aren’t the best, this is when the Holy Spirit will teach you all things and show you things to come.

Prayer and fasting will give you supernatural insight into the thoughts and lives of your children. There are two spiritual gifts called the “Word of Wisdom” and “Word of Knowledge” that God gives to help you in such situations.

There were times when my daughters were thinking about doing something they had no business doing and the Holy Spirit would wake me up at night and tell me to talk to them about certain things.

When I would talk to them the next day, one of them would have the look on her face that expressed, “How did she know?”

Being parents of teenagers, and the teen years adventure can be so much fun and productive. Spend as much time with them as you possibly can. People say they spend quality time with their children but you can’t have quality time without quantity.

They don’t need things… they need you.

When they are home, turn off the television and put the phones away and just sit and talk. Ask them how was their day and what were the kids talking about today. Go to the games, the concerts, volunteer for the dances, the homecomings all of these events are important to them and should be to you also.

I know you work and you are tired, but remember this is an important parenting season and this too shall pass.

Don’t forget that there still have to be rules enforced and consequences to breaking the rules. Don’t allow them to have so much privacy that you don’t know at all times what is going on in their lives.

If they have computers, make sure they are in public, high traffic rooms, NOT in their bedrooms. Pornography and sexual predators are flooding the internet and they want your children’s minds.

Do a random sweep of their rooms now and then and make sure you know what is in Your house. Make it clear to your children that this is part of your responsibility as a parent (not just as parents of teenagers).

Communication is the life blood of your relationship with your child. Talk, talk, talk, talk, and listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, and listen to them and their friends. Notice I said talk a lot but listen more.

Know their friends, don’t just know their names, know them and who their parents are and what type of core values they have. As they graduate and leave home, now you can become their friend and advisor when they ask.

During the teen years and younger they need you to be their parent so you can teach them how to live and have an abundant life.

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