Christian Premarital Counseling

Christian Premarital Counseling

Skipping strong Biblical Christian premarital counseling, in my opinion, is one of the main reasons the divorce rate is so high in the church.

I deliberately said Biblical premarital counseling because there are so many different definitions of Christian now days. Some people say they believe Jesus Christ came to the earth but they don’t necessarily believe that He said, “If you love Me you will keep My commandments,” and those commandments are spelled out clearly in the Bible which is our guide life.

Premarital counseling is so important because it gives us the opportunity to help couples understand what marriage is. Would you believe that most couples who sit before us in counseling really don’t know that Biblical marriage is a Blood Covenant between a man and a woman and God?

We show couples in Christian premarital counseling that God created marriage, He is the manufacturer. Because He is the creator, He has the Master Plan and we must seek Him to know it and to make it work for us.

In Christian premarital counseling we give the couples the opportunity to think soberly about what they are about to do, and with whom they are going to do it.

Often couples are so consumed with the thoughts and planning of the wedding they neglect the necessary preparation for the marriage.

We try to help them understand that marriage is a matter of life or death. You can have a wonderful life together if things are right however; some people want to die if things are not what they expected.

Christian premarital counseling helps them to ask the right questions and get the true answers. (That’s if everybody tells the truth). One of the things we do is try to get each person to see if they know who they are.

We tell couples a half a man (or a broken man) and a half a woman (or a broken woman) doesn’t make a whole couple. We delve into the way they were raised as a child. What was their relationship with their parents? Why do you want to marry this person? What has God said to you about them? Have you asked God anything about marrying this person?

Christian premarital counseling helps to put everything on the table and gives the couple the opportunity to see more clearly who they both are and are not. They can then say and see whether they do want to live the rest of their lives with this person or whether they themselves maybe are not ready for the commitment.

You will never totally know a person until you marry them, and even then you will still continue to discover things about your spouse until forever.

We have been married now a total of 42 years and we’re still learning things about one another. But Christian premarital counseling done the right way, which is led by the Spirit of God will at least give you more information and truth than what you started out with when you both were caught up in the HEAT of the moments before you came to counseling.

This counseling will help you determine if you are truly in Love or Lust. There is a difference you know. Some couples are having intercourse and feel guilty about it and decide they should go on a make it legal.

I don’t recommend that to anyone. When you do that you usually are not seeing everything clearly. I don’t condemn you for that I’m just saying that there is a more excellent way which is God’s way.

Proverbs 11:14 (Amp) says, “Where no wise guidance is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” In Christian premarital counseling from the Bible, a few of those wise counselors are God, Jesus, Paul, and Peter but they were all inspired by God through the Holy Spirit, the one who has The Master Plan.

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