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The story of Adam and Eve starts out as one of the most beautiful love stories ever. When God finally introduced Adam to his wife, Adam called her, “Isha”.

Compare the love, respect and dignity found in that account of the first marriage to what goes on today…

Common courtesy and respect is the least you should expect in a relationship. Women (and men) should never be called derogatory names or talked down to. You need to be very watchful if you notice that your spouse is easily defensive or angry.

Do not overlook it!

In our pre-marital counseling, we tell couples that God gives us yellow lights, red lights, and STOP signs. Many people just run right through these and crash.

Why your spouse is angry may have absolutely nothing to do with you. But if they don’t allow the Holy Spirit to examine their heart, and learn Godly principles for communication and self-control, they could end up creating a very negative environment in the home.

If you find that your spouse is often angry, get into a conversation with God. Ask God to show you the root of this anger, even before you try to deal directly with your spouse.

The same advice also applies if you are the one who has been lashing out in anger or in frustration toward your spouse. You need to ask God to show you the root of your anger and to deal with your heart.

Why do we often feel so free to communicate so negatively with the people we profess to love the most?

How a person communicates, and what they say, can be the most powerful indication of what’s going on inside; the biggest sign of the kind of person they actually are, rather than the person they want to make believe they are.

The bible has a lot to say on how people should communicate, and these instructions should be taken very seriously by married (or courting) couples who want to have healthy relationships.

For instance,

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building other up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”
-Ephesians 4:29, New International Version

We’ve previously shared some relationship communication tips from our experience, and included a resource that gets our highest recommendation. If you follow this advice that comes directly from our experiences, you should be better equipped to find joy and freedom in your marriage.

Marriage Communication After Storms

We understand that you may be in a difficult marital situation where you can’t imagine having anything wholesome or edifying to say to your spouse. During marriage coaching, we show you just how God intends to use sacrificially loving communication to bring you healing and freedom.

Very often, marriage reconciliation attempts falter because some basic rules of loving communication as taught in the scriptures are not adhered to. If you love someone, you will remember to apply the principles of love to your daily communication.

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