Dating Your Spouse

Dating Your Spouse

Dating your spouse is a novel idea, but one that will help you stay in love with each other. Why did you marry your spouse? I want you to take your time and give that question some thought. Was it because you liked doing some of the same things together? Was it because you liked the person and wanted to spend as much of your time with them as possible? Was it because they made you laugh? Was it because you realized you wanted to spend the rest of your life with this person? Dating your spouse can help you remember the real reason you love that person. Go back to doing those things with them that put a leap in your step and joy in your heart before you married. Forgive me a moment as I tell you about a man who is an Expert and can give you tips on dating your spouse. You have to know I’m talking about my husband Ronnie Calloway. Ronnie began to woo me after 7 years of separation and divorce in November 1996 and he has continued to do so to this day. Now I’m not bragging or anything but he literally sits and tries to think of things he can do to make me happy and then he does them and I try to do that as well. You can do the same for your husband/wife.

Here are 10 Ideas for Dating Your Spouse

    1. Go on Romantic Getaways. Link to that page on this website and heed our suggestions. Some of you can afford to take your spouse out of the country to romantic places that you both have always wanted to see and experience. What are you waiting for? Life is too short to have regrets at the end.


    1. Dating your spouse can mean dressing up and going to dinner together. Find some place out of the ordinary maybe exotic food you would like to try that won’t put on too many pounds. The point is to be alone, focus on one another, laugh, talk, and have fun.


    1. Going for a walk around the lake or in the park will be considered dating your spouse. With each date suggestion you want to talk to each other as much as possible reacquainting yourselves again. I don’t mean there has to be a marathon non stop talking session because holding hands and being silent from time to time can be Golden also. I suggest talking because communication is the life blood of your relationship.


    1. Going to the Roller or Ice Skating Rinks can make for an interesting date and exercise too. Ronnie and I have done both and enjoyed it to the hilt. It was always fun seeing who could stand up the longest or fall the least. Of course Ronnie usually won.


    1. The Swimming Pool can be a great place for romance. There again you can have fun, relax around the pool, get great exercise, and soak in some vitamin D at the same time.


    1. What about a Bicycle Built for 2, doesn’t that sound like fun? I know you could do it.


    1. One of our most famous dates was snowmobiling. That is very common in our part of the country. I won’t elaborate on that particular date but I will say it was an adventure to say the least.


    1. Dating your spouse can be done at the mall. I know the ladies would love for their husbands to say to them one day, “Come on sweetheart I want to take you shopping and then to lunch at the mall or downtown.” Am I right ladies? But also some of youHusbands might want to be taken on a shopping spree, who knows?


    1. Depending on your interest you can check out the golf course. Ladies if your husband likes golf surprise him and learn the game. You don’t necessarily have to go with him every time but you could make the sacrifice and go with him sometime. Yes, I am preachin’ to myself.


    1. Dating your spouse can certainly be done At Home. Get grandma to watch the children, get all gussied up for each other, whatever that means to you. Put on some soft music, light a candle, have dinner together, go upstairs take a bath together and talk. Get out of that bathtub, dry off and just make great passionate love until the sun comes up. That’s what I call a DATE!

  By the way, is not responsible for the results of that #10 dating suggestion. This is our disclaimer for any newborns coming into the world after date #10.

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