The Repairer of the Breach Ministries, Inc.


Jackie and I were married for twenty eight (28) years, separated and divorced for seven (7) years, but God miraculously reconciled us, first to Himself and then to one another.  We were married again, (a new marriage completely different from the old) on April 19, 1996.


Shortly after we were married, the Lord called us into the ministry of reconciliation.  The Father instructed us to go and preach the good news of the Gospel of Peace.  He told us to remind everyone that He is in relentless pursuit of us all and wants to make us whole and heal our relationships.  He instructed us to point people to Him.


The ministry name the Lord revealed to us is, “The Repairer of the Breach Ministries, Inc.” according to Isaiah 58:12.  We currently do Marriage Discovery Seminars and are available for counseling both in person and online at Our counseling is strictly Biblically based with a little bit of experience added in because for the most part, we have been there and done that.

The purpose of the Repairer of the Breach Ministry is to bring the life and hope of Christ Jesus and God’s divine plan of reconciliation to persons contemplating marriage, those who are married and to those who have divorced. Our goal is to combat divorce one couple at a time.  We are a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation and invite your support.