Financial Infidelity

What is financial Infidelity?

Do you ever buy a dress, shoes, golf clubs, golf bag, shirt, jewelry etc. and don’t remember to tell or show your spouse the purchase on purpose?

Have you done that more than three times? Perhaps you say to yourself, he/she really wouldn’t mind or they do the same thing, it won’t hurt anything.

This behavior could be the beginning of financial infidelity. These actions may lead to habits that undermine the trust factor in your marriage. Difficulty with financial situations is one of the top five (5) reasons people divorce in America today.

There should be lengthy discussions with your intended before you get married so that everyone is clear on how you spend your money and how you think it should be spent in the future, but most people don’t.



In a marriage where Jesus is Lord, “The truth will always make you free.” Come to your spouse and tell them, “There is this dress/buzz saw that I really want to buy, so what do you think about that?” Or maybe you are all ready at the mall and you see something, at least attempt to call your spouse and check with them on the purchase.

You both might be working and making your own salary so it is not a matter of getting permission, it is a matter of respect and full disclosure of where OUR money is going. Fear should never be involved in letting your spouse know what you want or need or have spent.

I can remember in our old marriage(read our dramatic story) that Ronnie would tell me to spend only $ 40.00 on groceries and maybe I would spend $50.00. I would literally be afraid to go home because I knew he would be angry and fuss at me. Of course that was before he knew Jesus Christ and anything about love or marriage. Today it is a completely different story because Mercy lives at our house.

If you have a different arrangement, that is up to the both of you. We just don’t want you to commit the kind of “money betrayal” that can lead to empty bank accounts and heartache in your family.

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