Forgiving and Forgetting: Hindrances to Moving Past The Past

Forgiving and forgetting- moving on from past hurts and disappointments and truly learning how to forgive is difficult at best. It becomes near impossible when the following hindrances to moving on are not dealt with. Many people never move past the past because they continually pick at the fruit instead of getting to the Root of the problem.
(Psalm 139:23-24) Here are some common hindrances to moving past the past:

  1. Pride
  2. fear
  3. unforgiveness
  4. resentment
  5. anger
  6. guilt

How did we move past the past?

  1. First, both of us were submitted to the will of God. We were yielded to him, separately and together.
  2. We committed to tell the truth. No more lies.
  3. We allowed each other to express our thoughts without being interrupted and attacked. We respected each other’s feelings.
  4. After we were each satisfied, we decided that after that day we would never bring up these things again. We buried the past, never to resurrect those dead things again. We prayed over it and moved on the present. Today, we would pray and take communion over the past. Making sure the Blood of Jesus is applied.

Our marriage reconciliation story is testimony that no matter how bad your marriage problem is, God can restore it.

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