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Intensive Marriage Counseling Online (By Phone) 


Or Denver Marriage Coaching from Experts Who Have Been In Your Shoes

Our intensive marriage counseling online program is a christian marriage counseling alternative to all the questionable marriage counseling information to be found online. We believe that infidelity healing and marriage restoration is available to everyone through the power of God. While our Denver marriage counseling services have been available for at least the last eleven years (including 8 years on Gospel radio KLDC/AM), we are glad to be able to offer our services to others who want to speak with us in a very personalized manner. When you call, you get to speak directly with us (Jackie or Ronnie), and not with some counselor who treats you with clinical coldness, or with a “substitute coach”.

The 3-Call Marriage Clinic

We often find that marital problems are usually quite involved. Our intensive marriage counseling online services are designed to go to the root of the issues you and your spouse are dealing with. We don’t just start with your marriage, we delve into other areas that you may not suspect are related to your marital issues. Since we had to deal with the effects of infidelity and personally experienced the power of God to bring infidelity healing into any situation, we believe we have been graced by God to share the principles of healing from infidelity with you.

How To Register

The first step is to contact us via the “Intensive Marriage Counseling Online Contact Form” and include “Counseling Services” in the First line of your message. We will then contact you by email to schedule a FREE 10 minute exploratory session. After that session, we will schedule a time to call in to our special call-in line and then you will be directed to come back to this page and pay for the counseling sessions on the lower section of this page.

Payment Arrangement

The rate for our special marriage counseling and coaching services are $50 per session.. We work with you based on a minimum of three (3) sessions, each lasting forty-five (45) minutes. After the initial 3 sessions, you may decide to schedule on-going incremental sessions. REGISTER BY PAYING NOW: