Getting Your Spice Back

Getting Your Spice Back

Getting your spice back in your marriage could be the very actions you can take to either prevent infidelity or to recover form it. Sometimes things just get stale and routine.

You are Married be Creative

Ladies take off those bloomers and get some cute little panties or some cute BIG panties if that is where you are. Think of what would surprise your husband to the point that he is left breath less.

Surprise him with a hot steamy night at home that he will never forget. You should know what he likes so do what he likes X 5.

Set the mood, get a nice mainstay candle from Wal-Mart and fill the house with the scent of whatever he likes. Turn on some soft music and remember why you married in the first place.

Getting your spice back is not just the ladies responsibility. Husbands, when you come home from work or from playing golf, or basketball, take a shower. Make sure your fingernails are clean and your toe nails are cut. And whatever you do, don’t forget to shave. Our tender skin can’t handle that rough beard and bad breath.


Tell your wife what you like

Getting your spice back will necessitate you telling your wife/husband what you like. Nobody is a mind reader. You have to spell it out. I don’t mean freaky stuff. I know some of you are freaks but think about where you got that stuff. Was it on a porn site or video? Or something you were doing before you came to know Jesus Christ. Were you on drugs and drinking whiskey when you were doing that mess?

Everything done in the bedroom should be by mutual consent. Both of you should feel comfortable with it.

Did you know that even our Love Making should be to the glory of God? (1st Corinthians 10:31) It glorifies God when you are both pleased in the Marriage bed. You do know He invented intercourse and built, created you so you could experience and enjoy the pleasure of it within your marriage.

So start getting the spice back in your life. Plan a romantic getaway. Go on a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean they are not as expensive as they used to be. The water, the moonlight, the romantic dinners, time everyday by the pool, you’ll love it.

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