Infidelity Warning Signs

Infidelity Warning Signs

Preventing marital disaster


Recognizing infidelity warning signs in your marriage can help you protect your spouse from a possibly destructive path and your marriage from the often disastrous consequences of adultery and divorce.

So what are the early signs of a cheating spouse?

If you look closely at the list above, you’ll notice the emphasis on sudden and/or unexplained changes in what you’d usually expect from your spouse. The list above will not be useful to you unless you are already a student of your spouse’s behavior, and know their established patterns.

Not every one of the warning signs listed above should raise your alarm. Instead, I would recommend that you be wary when you notice two or three of these warning signs in your marriage. In any case, the most serious(and perhaps, obvious) sign of trouble in your marriage is if you notice a habit of extended absences from home by your spouse.


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