Kind Words – What’s In A Word?

Kind words – “What’s in a word?”…
That’s the question we should all contemplate before we open our mouths. We are bombarded with millions of words daily that come from multiple sources. Many of these words affect us both positively and negatively, but we of fail to realize that.

Many people come to our no-walls marriage counseling not realizing that they are reacting to, and exhibiting symptoms from words that were spoken over them when they were children or teenagers.

What’s in a word?

Perhaps guilt, shame, insecurities, anger, thoughtlessness or even death? Maybe what’s in a word is death to a dream, death to a future, death to a marriage or death to someone’s manhood or womanhood.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. (Proverbs 18:21)

So as you can see in the scriptures it is very important that we examine what’s in a word before we speak it. It is very important that we speak kind words…loving words.

People have spoken words over their children that scar them for life and they think nothing about it because those same words were spoken over them.

When we react to certain words or attitudes in a profoundly negative way we should stop and ask the Holy Spirit, “What is the root of that trigger?”, and ask him to show you how to release it.

To “release it” means to let it go; to refuse to keep any emotional attachment of anger, pain, or anything else to that trigger.

Some of us have been told we are stupid, lazy, dumb, and no good. Also as a teen you may have been called “playboy”, “sexy mama”, “sugar baby”, the class flirt, the class clown, or even one most likely not to succeed.

Ronnie and I have learned that you must be careful what nicknames you allow people to call you so you don’t live up to (or down to) those names.

Many times in our counseling sessions, the Holy Spirit has pointed out to us root causes of destructive behavior in relationships that most are not aware of.

If your marriage or relationship needs a tune up, feel free to contact us on our GET COUNSELING page. We are here to help.

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