Make Love Often In Your Christian Marriage

Make Love Often In Your Christian Marriage

Make love often if you are married and wanting to solidify your relationship even more. Remember God created intercourse between a man and a woman and one of the reasons why He did that is so you can have fun together.

What is more fun than having your needs met and feeling good at the same time? What God did with this intercourse thing is absolutely amazing to me. Inside of marriage (I repeat) you can just loose all inhibitions and feel like you are going to the moon but know you’re going to land safely.

Because God created intercourse He says not to defraud one another or withhold your love making. In other words make love often.

Don’t you want to make love often? I do, because the way God designed it, it allows us to look one another in the eyes and to reconnect as often as possible.

I want to have that intimate connection that will make Ronnie remember what I look like and what color My eyes are and the curves of my mouth, and how smooth my skin is, I want to put something on his mind.

You might think I’m getting too personal and maybe I am but you can get personal with your spouse too if you make it your business to make love often. Believe me it’s good for you, spirit, soul and body.

The scripture says “Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.” So stop going to bed angry with unresolved issues and giving place to the devil. Kiss make up, talk it out and make love often, believe me you will be healthier and happier than you’ve ever been.

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