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My name is Jackie Calloway, and you’re about to hear some of my story. At age 19, I married Ronnie, despite spotting him drinking with his best man outside the chapel…just before our wedding ceremony!

The twenty eight years that followed were marked by infidelity, drug abuse and marital strife. Finally, I could take no more and I left Ronnie..

How do I forgive Marital Infidelity?

In this instantly downloadable E-book, I share a “raw and real” account of how God led me step-by-step through the process of healing from infidelity and emotional abuse.
You’ll see how God revealed my part in the disaster of our marriage, and how he prepared me for shockingly awesome changes he worked in my ex-husband Ronnie’s life during our 7 years of divorce.

Is Divorce Reconciliation possible?

In this ebook, you’ll get to see how God reunited two people with twenty eight years of anger and pain (not to mention seven subsequent years of divorce), between them.

Despite all the heartache and pain of our previous marriage, God brought us back together in a dream marriage that has blessed thousands over the last thirteen years.

This ebook will bless your life. It will show you in “living color”:


  • How “hidden pride” in you can attract insecurity and subsequent infidelity from your spouse
  • The step-by-step plan God dropped in my heart for forgiving the infidelities of my ex-husband
  • The surprising way to forgiving and forgetting infidelity
  • How to deal with the guilt Christians and others face after divorce
  • How to trust God and others after infidelity and marital betrayal.


Ours is a story of marital infidelity, divorce, reconciliation and redemption.