Pornography Destroys

Pornography Destroys

Pornography destroys marriages and families in a way that very few other influences can do. This destruction can literally wipe out or disable generations to come if the perpetrators are not delivered.

7 Ways Pornography Destroys

  1. Pornography destroys the intimacy in a marriage by allowing you to bring strangers into your marriage bed. They are brought in by the images you have fixed in your mind that are a lie.
  2. Pornography is defined as the depiction of erotic behavior as in pictures or writing intended to cause sexual excitement. God has created marriage so that your spouse can cause you to be sexually aroused in ways that will knit an everlasting bond between the 2 of you only and not those other people.
  3. Pornography destroys families because it is motivated by a spirit of Lust and that spirit is let loose in your through you and it seeks out your children because the devil thinks generationally while you’re in la la land.
  4. The children usually are exposed to the images by finding the magazines, pictures, DVD or the porn sites that just happen to pop up on the computer after you have been on there and it’s in the history. Thus once they have those images in their minds it burns and that spirit of lust will seek continually to make sure there is further exposure for that child at the movies, at a friend’s house, in the trash can, at the Library or wherever the devil can get to him/her again. If the enemy succeeds then as they get older they will bring that stuff into their families and the cycle continues.
  5. Pornography destroys the security of the spouse who now feels that she/he doesn’t measure up. Their confidence is shattered thinking they are not enough for you because you always need more than they can give.
  6. If you’re involved in pornography you eventually loose touch with reality and have to lead a double life. You find yourself thinking about it constantly and trying to find a way to isolate yourself so you can indulge in masturbation or doing chat rooms or going out to meet someone who is not your spouse. It becomes a dark ugly secret that you go to great lengths to keep while you are being torn apart on the inside with guilt. Believe me it is not worth it.
  7. Finally lust destroys your relationship with God because it is sin, self indulgence, and springs from a delusion. Ephesians 4:22 says “Strip yourselves of your former nature put off and discard your old unrenewed self which characterized your previous manner of life and becomes corrupt through lusts and desires that spring from delusion.”

I know that God would that no man perish but that all come to the saving knowledge of the truth. This pornography is running rampant in the church and is destroying many of our homes. I recommend to you the books entitled “Every man’s Battle” and “Every woman’s Battle” by Dr. Doug Weiss because it is not a men only sin, women are indulging also. Our prayer for you is that you will become so convicted by the Holy Spirit that you will seek help for swift deliverance so that you can allow your family as well as yourself to be saved and set free of this addition.


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