Refuse to Take Offence

Refuse to take offence could be one of the greatest tools you learn that could actually save your marriage.

Several years ago I read a remarkable book by John Bevere which I highly recommend entitled The Bait of Satan that book literally changed my life. I used to be a person who could be offended at the least little thing, but I’ve learned that I can refuse to get offended and move forward.

Please purchase this book and follow the instructions because it will save Ronnie and me many hours of counseling and make you a better person at the same time. Luke 17:1 says, “Then said He unto the disciples, it is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him through whom they come.” So Jesus warned us that they will come but we don’t have to take them.

John Bevere says in his book if you take offence you bite the bait Satan has laid for you. Then he can real you into getting out of love and the will of God and into strife.

I’ve learned that you will always have opportunity to be offended about something, especially when you are married and the twain are trying your best to become one flesh in the same house: (which by the way can only be done by the power of the Holy Spirit), but that is another page.
True enough you will have the opportunity but you can use that opportunity to walk in love and move forward. I say that again because that is what you do is make progress in the relationship and shut down strife.

I’ll give you a personal example. I had told Ronnie one day that I felt just a little nauseous and I was going to bed. As I walked to the stairs and put my foot on the first step he said, “Well are you not going to wash the dishes?” Believe me that was the perfect opening for me to take offence and ask him did he hear what I just said? But instead I said to myself, “I refuse to take offence.” Then I softly without even turning around said, “No love I’m not going to wash the dishes.” I proceeded to bed.

Now I know that would have been a big fight in some households and even in our old marriage and household but that is why it is important that you marry God women/men that are committed to walk in love and not be selfish.

I admonish you to get that book and learn to say to yourself or out loud when appropriate, I refuse to take offence.

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