Relationship Repair or Bail

Relationship Repair or Bail

Relationship repair or bail is a very sensitive topic. I don’t think anyone but the Holy Spirit can definitely tell you when to bail out of a marriage. I do believe I can tell you when to seek relationship repair and when to bail out of a dating relationship. If you are in a dating relationship or even engaged to someone who is domineering, over bearing, and wants to control you. That is when you bail.

The first thing you must always remember when dating a person is the objective of dating is to get to know them. I really believe that you should only date your friends. The major problem in marriages is that people have sex before they are real friends.

Being friends with a person before you have sex will allow you to see that person’s true identity. Most dating couples are perpetrators. They have on their best face however, many times it is a false face, and there is no telling what is bringing up the rear. Something like a hospital gown, the front looks good but the back does expose them. That was a rabbit trail I got carried away on with a topic I’m very passionate about, but so much for that.


I’m going to give you ten (10) reasons to seek relationship repair and when to bail

    1. The first reason to seek relationship repair is when the other person has roving eyes. You can tell when your partner only has eyes for you.


    1. Relationship repair or bail,you should bail when your thoughts and suggestions are not validated. Your opinion is constantly put down or vetoed.


    1. When other friends seem more important to your partner than you are.


    1. When the other person is absent more times than not.


    1. Relationship repair or bail, you should bail when arguments and fighting are the norm.


    1. When one person wants to call all the shots.


    1. When decisions are made anyway contrary to your objections.


    1. Relationship repair or bail, you should bail when there is yelling and name calling. If your name is Sally/ Thomas you should not be called any name that starts with a “B”….


    1. Relationship repair or bail, you should bail whenever there is any pushing, grabbing or cursing.


  1. You should seek relationship repair and bail if you are ever threatened or hit. That should be a deal breaker.

One caution I make is that when you do get ready to bail make sure you have a plan. Don’t just leave have a ready built support system in place and know where you are going and how long you can stay there and be safe. If you are not living with this person and just dating, cut off the relationship immediately and tell someone you can trust; someone who will be willing to help you be safe.

These are all considerations but I pray that you will pray and be led by the Spirit of God about your relationships and have the courage to do what He says.
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