Affordable Romantic Getaways

There are affordable romantic getaways you can take advantage of that you may not have thought of yet. It is very important that you keep the fire burning in your marriage and changing the routine will always stoke the fire and prime the pump.


Here are 7 Affordable Romantic Getaways
    1. Make an affordable getaway by finding a secluded spot in the mountains or out in the country or down by the river, depending on where you live and make that your own personal spot. There you can get away from the maddening crowd and see it as a sanctuary for just the 2 of you to make memories.
    2. Find getaways that are tourist spots in your state or neighboring state that you have never gone to together. Many times people come from across country to visit some of the places in our own state that we have never explored.
    3. Affordable Romantic Getaways can be found at a Bed and Breakfast in some quaint places usually in your state. Because of the economy most states are encouraging their residents to stay at home and they also have some deals for you if you search them out.
    4. Let’s go camping. I can hear some of you wives saying, “Hold up, I’m not sleeping out in the wild.” Believe it or not Ronnie and I used to go camping and fishing for years together but most of the time we did take the girls. Those were some of the most exciting times of our lives lying in a tent looking out at the stars and making wonderful love (not when we took the girls of course.)
    5. Our favorite and ultimate Affordable Romantic Getaway is a cruise. The price of cruises has come down drastically you just have to know where to find them. There are discounts now with cruise lines for airline employees, teachers, military personnel, past guests, 55+ and more. When you contact the cruise lines or your travel agent let them know that you fit one of those categories. We will share more with you about cruises at a later date.
    6. Treat your spouse to an affordable Romantic Getaway at a local hotel for the weekend. This is one getaway that will eliminate transportation cost and also keep you within earshot of the children if that is a concern. You can have a nice fruit basket or flowers delivered to the room if that is what your spouse likes. Then have a great weekend concentrating on one another not watching television the whole time but playing doctor or something fun.

These are just a few of the Romantic Getaways that are waiting for you to explore. I think that is the keyword explore. If you will get in that mindset with the romance in your marriage, there are feelings and excitement you and your spouse can experience that will give you years of a life worth living. Refuse to settle for the mundane and ordinary in your marriage. You can create Romantic Getaways for yourself that I could not begin to tell you about because I don’t know your personality or what you or your spouse like, but you do. Go for the Gusto. Create Romance where there has been none. Make your spouse the happiest person on earth because you cared enough to take the time to think about and do what you can do to Getaway and Romance one another.