Serial Infidelity

Serial Infidelity

Serial Infidelity is a term I became familiar with only last week, but as I thought about it, I have been on the receiving end of it in our previous marriage.

I have been asked why my husband doesn’t write about these topics that obviously he knows about first hand. I can only say to you that he will at some point. Meanwhile I am still led to share with you from my perspective because this is the point of view so many spouses find themselves in and need help understanding.

As most of you know my husband and I were married for 28 years, separated and divorced (because of serial infidelity), for 7 years and over 15 years ago God miraculously reconciled us first to Himself and then to one another. We married again in 1996.

Serial infidelity I guess can be defined as succession and continuous at regular intervals, committing the act of adultery repeatedly and compulsively.

I guess you get the picture. Ronnie told me that when we got married in 1965, because of the way he was brought up, he thought it was okay to always have a woman on the side. That was hard for me to believe at first, but I had to accept the fact that if that was the mindset of the dudes he hung out with, and the street mentality he knew, that perception had become his reality.

I always thought 2 people got married so they could divorce themselves from all the single stuff and wanted to settle down with this one person and allow that person to be all they want and need. But that was just my perspective.

I found out later that there were numerous women over the 28 years we were married. Ronnie was very good at keeping what he was doing from me. I also was not one to go looking for things. For so long I was just young naive, innocent and dumb. You see I grew up in West Virginia and I was so green and had not been exposed to very much. I was 19 and had never lived on my own before we got married. (You must read my book)Love that would not let me go.

I was genuinely head over heels in love with Ronnie Calloway and thought the sun and the moon rose and set in him. Serial infidelity never crossed my mind until years later and by then I was so into raising my girls and making sure they knew Jesus that I had to take my focus off of Ronnie. I had more to think about than Ronnie Calloway.

When I think about infidelity now, I think about serial killing because in reality they could be one in the same. With the Sexually Transmitted Diseases out here today that reckless behavior could be a death sentence and is for many unsuspecting spouses.

I am so grateful for the mercy and grace of God that he had on me. I also was constantly pleading the Blood of Jesus over me and the girls as well.

I don’t recommend to anyone to ignore serial infidelity but confront your spouse and get help as soon as possible. Some people will be willing to change and some won’t. Remember this could be a matter of life or death however; we are always here to help.

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