What a Man Needs


Knowing what a man needs is very important so that you won’t give him what you need by mistake. Dr. Willard F. Hartley has written a wonderful book titled: His Needs Her Needs and I highly recommend that you get it. I wanted to separate out what a man needs to expound on them from a wife and Christian Marriage Counselors point of view.

Let me first give you six things almost every man needs:
  1. Honor/Respect
  2. Sexual Fulfillment
  3. Recreational Companionship
  4. Attractive Spouse
  5. Domestic Support
  6. Admiration

These are basic Needs most men have. I must say most men because there are always exceptions to every rule. I do believe I have put what a man needs pretty much in order of importance. As we all do, men need to be honored and respected by their spouse. There is nothing worse than being disrespectful to your man in public or at home. Often we do that with the way we speak to him, the tone we use and the body language we exhibit.

Sexual Fulfillment

This NEED might just be with some men #1. For years I never knew that. I just thought the brother was over sexed, animalistic and trying to kill me, but I found out later that God made him like that. It sure didn’t make sense to me at the time. I want to express to all of the wives (notice I said wives, not girlfriends) that your husband Needs real good love making and he Needs it often. God created intercourse so that you could look often into each others eyes and speak sweet nothings which always turn into feel good somethings, and become so endearing to one another that your husband shouldn’t want another woman. This is part of the 2 becoming 1. You both should be hot for each other. Woman was in man in the beginning before God took her from his side. Now each time a husband is in his wife and you climax during intercourse(POW) the 2 become 1 again and that should cause shouts of thanksgiving to go up to the Lord. Okay, moving right along Recreational Companionship is also what a man needs. A wife who enjoys doing some of the things he likes i.e., golf, shooting pool, watching football, basketball with him and taking time to learn the game. Ronnie brags on me all the time about how I know football and all the players, positions and what the next play should be. I know ladies you won’t like all of that stuff because as much as I like golf, which my husband loves, I will watch it on television with him but I can’t stand to be out in that hot sun like he can. All I’m saying is make an effort to do something because it’s what a man needs. Next what a man needs is An Attractive Spouse you will make him look good if you look good. He will want to show you off. But you should also be an attractive spouse at home. If you are going to wear a jogging suite get a sporty jogging suite, not one you’ve been wearing since 1960. Buy something you know both of you will like. Comb your hair everyday. I know I shouldn’t have to say that but I do. Don’t put bloomers on your head and walk around the house. Make sure your breath is fresh and that your body has a pleasant odor. What perfume does He like? Ask him to buy it for you and you put it on. Whatever you do in marriage don’t let yourself go, keep up your appearance. I don’t care how many children you have, the children could care less what you look like everyday but your husband does. Also what a man needs is Domestic Support at home. He needs a clean, comfortable, and peaceful place to come to lay his head in your lap. Heneeds a place where he can escape from the fray of the world and won’t be attacked and bombarded the moment he walks in the door. Always give him a moment to just settle down before you start telling him that junior wrecked the car, the gas and lights have been turned off and the dog just died. Give the brother a break, and then tell him. Seriously, home should be his haven. Last but certainly not least, what a man needs is Admiration. The wordadmiration is a feeling of delighted or astonished approval, the process of regarding highly. Read 1st Peter 3:1-3 in the Amplified Bible. If you don’t have one pull up that version on the internet and look up each word and as someone once said “Just Do It” it will change the spirit of your marriage when you give your man what he needs.

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