Why Do Men Cheat?

Why Do Men Cheat?

Why do men cheat? This page is from a woman’s perspective so to many it might not count, but to some it may.

In my opinion and from what I’ve been told by men is that often wives, after they are married and have children, don’t keep themselves like they did when they were dating their husbands.

Please understand I am not giving men a license to cheat or saying it is our fault that they do, I am saying quite the opposite. This is just a list to check yourselves by and to give some thought to.

5 Reasons Why Men Cheat

  1. Why do men cheat? Wives giving more thought, time and attention to the children than to their husband and the marriage for long periods of time.
  2. Wives not keeping up an attractive appearance on a daily basis. Not doing their nails/toenails, hair, body fragrance etc.
  3. Wives not being fun anymore. Not wanting to go play and do fun things that they did before marriage.
  4. Wives many times don’t honor their husbands and praise them for the little things they do. The scripture says, “God inhabits the praises of His people” and men are made in the image of God so husbands will inhabit your praises.
  5. Why do men cheat? Perhaps men just don’t know who and whose they are. They don’t realize that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, but you can help them know that.

I know you wives might be saying, “I’m not signing for this package. Men cheat because they want to.” You might be absolutely right. All I’m saying is that when my husband cheated on me I also had to look at myself. There were definitely some things I was doing that I just neededto change.

Why do men cheat? Did I cause my husband to cheat? No, but I stopped beating him over the head with the Word of God for one thing and I started playing with him.

We have as of 2010 been on 21 cruises together and we both just love that time we spend looking each other in the eyes, touching, making love, reading together, eating breakfast lunch and dinner together, dressing up for dinner, and just plan laughing and having fun.

Your relationship with your spouse can be joy unspeakable and full of glory and you don’t have to be on a cruise. Your marriage can be like a cruise.

Of course all of what I am bringing to your attention goes both ways; just make sure your way is covered.

I also know someone will email me and say, “I did all of those things and he still cheated. I will respond that there are always exceptions to every rule. Please don’t take on the responsibility for Why Men Cheat!

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